About Us


As contractors Randy and I have been working in the construction industry for a very long time.  Randy has been in carpentry for over 30 years, and working for himself for over 10 years.  I have been plumbing and gas fitting for over 26 years and working for myself for over 15 years.

We met in May 2016 and shortly after thought that starting a renovation business would be good for us and for our clients.

We are happy to help in any way possible no matter what size the job is.  Need your toilet unplugged?  We can do that.  Need to build an addition onto your home for a new kitchen?  We can do that.  And we can do everything in between.  Including fixing those holes in your walls that no other company wants to.

We have done bathtub conversions for seniors to help them stay in their homes longer.  As well as freshen up a house to get it ready for resale.

Give us a call at Kelly 780-264-0878 or Randy 780-868-9873