Basement Development in Edmonton

Developing your basement can add to many very promising outcomes…or a complete nightmare.

The positive outcomes have to do with the many possibilities of a functional basement.

These include things like a basement suite in Edmonton, a man cave, games room, bar, fireplace, extra living space, home theater in Edmonton,  place for the kids to hang out, mother in law suite and anything else you can think of.

The nightmare comes when you decide to hire a contractor based on price and their ability to sell.

A good contractor will have insurance, journeyman tickets, and will pull the required permits.  No matter what anyone tells you there are permits required when developing a basement in Edmonton.

Basement Renovations Edmonton

This differs from basement developments because the work has been done before.  If you are not doing anything structural or moving the bathroom, adding a bedroom or any major changes then you can renovate your basement in Edmonton without having to pull a permit.

If you are adding anything like a fireplace then you will need a permit for that one fixture but not for anything else.  If you are unsure on whether or not you need a permit feel free to give me a call at 780-264-0878

The easiest way to think about permits is are you adding a new fixture or appliance?  If yes, then you need a permit.  If you are removing and replacing a bathtub or other fixture with a new fixture then you do not need one if you are not moving the plumbing lines.  This is true for gas and electrical as well.

Planning Your Basement Development in Edmonton

Depending on what you want from your basement development you can design it yourself or if you need help you can hire our decorator.

For most of us making the colors flow nicely from the floor to walls and cabinets and lighting can be unnatural.  Or we just have not developed the skills like a decorator has developed.  There is nothing wrong with being good at something and not being good at something else.  I always say when in doubt hire the right person for the job.

We have helped create beautiful basements.  Including suites producing healthy incomes.  Game rooms for the whole family to enjoy.  Extra bedrooms for guests.  And much more.

Some of the bathrooms we have built in basements have turned out absolutely beautiful.  Freestanding bathtubs.  Full walk in tiled showers.  Steam showers.  And sometimes just simple but elegant half baths for use when enjoying the rest of the basement.

Creating Your Dream Basement

The important piece of information you need to keep in mind is it’s your basement.  If you want something done a certain way then have it done that way.  Providing the construction falls within the guidelines of the Alberta codes.

You are about to spend $25,000 to $75,000 so you better be happy at the end.

Basement Developers in Edmonton

Any good basement development company will help you every step of the way.  Your role as the homeowner is not changing your mind part way through the job and thinking that the change will be for free.

Changes can add huge expenses to a job.  Not just by throwing the budget off but also by throwing off the time frame for completion.

Every change can cause a snowball to avalanche type effect.  Meaning changing something as simple as the tile in your bathroom could easily add 6 weeks to the job.

Delays that can Occur when Developing a Basement in Edmonton

Other than changing something yourself other delays can come up.  These delays are always outside of the contractors hands.  For instance you want a certain type of bathtub.  The time for the bathtub to get to the job is 4 weeks.  The bathtub gets to the wholesaler but arrives damaged.  The wholesaler informs the contractor another bathtub must be delivered.  Since a bathtub must be installed prior to drywalling the basement this causes a huge delay.

4 weeks later the bathtub shows up.  The plumber installs the bathtub and the drywall is ready to go up.  But since there was a delay the drywall company went onto another job and cannot get back to this job for another week.  Then the same thing happens with the painter, the flooring company, and maybe the carpenter installing the trim.

This is normal for most contractors.

BUT NOT FOR US!  As we have a great team of subcontractors we also have in house employees to do a lot of the work if need be.

In any case things get delayed and just like in life not everything works out perfect.

We do like to pride ourselves on creating a very positive experience for the home owner during development or renovations.  In fact we strive to make you so happy that you will refer your friends and family!

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