Bathroom Vanities in Edmonton

A bathroom vanity is a combination of cabinet, counter top, and sink.

The bathroom vanities we have installed in any of our Edmonton bathroom renovations have been mainly one of two different types.

The first type of bathroom vanity is your standard style that you can buy off the shelf from many big box stores.

The second type of vanity is the custom built vanity. These are built for bathrooms that need a standard size vanity as well as for those bathrooms that require a non standard size.

If your vanity is currently a non-standard size you will require a custom built vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Colors

When purchasing a bathroom vanity you will want the color for the bathroom cabinets and the bathroom countertops to match the rest of the bathroom. In most cases the sink will be white, unless you decide on a top mount sink which can be white, clear, or a different color.

The bathroom cabinets are made out of wood or melamine. The colors you can buy for a standard, non custom cabinet are generally white paint, light or dark stain. If you go custom you can have your cabinets sprayed with any color that the cabinetmaker uses. When going custom you can also choose from a variety of wood for your liking.

When deciding on the color for the cabinets you need to take into consideration the color for the countertop as well as the paint, floor tile and tub or shower surround.

Vanity Storage

Some people ask me about installing a pedestal sink instead of a vanity. Unless your bathroom is very small I would always prefer a vanity over a pedestal or wall mount sink.

You can purchase some very small vanities or have one made that will still allow you to have some storage. With most you will have enough storage for toilet paper, towels, soap, toothpaste and more. While a pedestal sink will not give you any storage.

Bathroom Vanity Types and Sizes

Most vanities sit on the floor prior to the tile being installed. A lot of newer models being sold be the big box stores will have legs instead having a cabinet base. These models are normally prebuilt by the manufacturer and just have to be slid into place and fastened to the wall.

Since the cabinet sits on the floor with legs you need to finish the tile under the cabinet before installing the vanity.

A newer style of cabinet is a wall mount or floating cabinet that sits off the floor anywhere from 6 to 15 inches. Setting the floating cabinet any higher than this will cause the plumbing to be open instead of inside the cabinet space.

Bathroom vanities Edmonton

Floating bathroom vanity in Edmonton

Most vanities have a counter height of 30 inches but can go upwards of 36 inches which is the height of your kitchen cabinets.

Vanities usually come with doors and drawers but that can change on your preference and how much space you have in your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Installation

Installing the bathroom vanity will require a drill, level, silicone, plumbing materials, shims, stud finders, and screws to install a standard unit.

Before finishing the floor set the cabinet base into place. Level as required using shims and faster to the wall where possible. Now set your vanity on top of the base and make sure this is up against one, two or all three walls depending on the type of bathroom you have. Using your stud finder find a stud that does not have electrical running through it. Make sure you are not near any water, drain or vent lines and put a screw through the inside top cross bar of the vanity. DO NOT PUT ANY SCREWS INTO ANY AREA THAT CAN BE SEEN AFTER THE COUNTER GOES ON!

Now silicone around the edge of the vanity to place the countertop on. The sink should already be molded into the countertop or fastened in some other way. Now install the faucet, hook up the plumbing and check for leaks.

Since there is many different types of vanities and it is always better to pay for this service we suggest you call a professional.

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