After plumbing for 26 years I have seen every type of bathtub imaginable. From the old cast iron claw foot, cast iron built in tub, steel tubs, corner tubs, two man tubs, 5 and 6 foot tubs, acrylic all in one bathtub and tub surround, 2 and 3 piece tubs, air jet, water jet, freestanding, and walk in tubs for seniors.

During new construction the common bathtub is to have a full sized tub and surround installed. To do this the tub will get lifted into place by the crane before the framers put the rafters on the house.

Edmonton free standing bathtub, edmonton renovations

Randy installed this bathtub in his own house.

These can be taken in through the house during the construction stage, but you need to remove some stubs and maybe even the front door to get the bathtub in.

That is why these are not used during a bathroom renovation. Anyone that tells you that you can install one of these in a bathroom renovation does not have the experience to do the job.

Today’s Bathtubs in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Surrounding Areas

The majority of remove and replace bathroom renovations that we have done homeowners will go with a standard built in acrylic soaker tub.

A soaker tub is about 20-22 inches from the floor to the flood level rim or top of the tub. A steel tub is normally 16 inches with some that we have removed at only 15 inches in height.

The difference might not sound like much but an extra 4 to 6 inches of water can be the difference from covering part to covering all of your body.

Type Of Bathtub For Your Bathroom Renovation

The type of bathroom renovation you are doing will tell us what kind of bathtub you can install in your bathroom.

In a standard renovation you will most likely install a air jet, water jet, or standard soaker tub. In some cases people decide to install a simple steel tub.

The choice is yours, but think about the use value you want to get from your new bathtub for years to come.

If you want a jetted tub (water or air), then we will need an electrician to bring a line over to the tub. In some cases this cannot be done without further renovations to the ceilings and walls below the bathroom.

In either type of tub jetted or standard soaker tub you can go with a skirted or non skirted style.

The skirted style is what you see as a normal tub. These come with the skirt attached to the front of the bathtub.

A non-skirted style can allow you to install a removable skirt made from acrylic or wood. Or install a permanent skirt from wood, tile or some form of stone front.

If you are not doing a remove and replace renovation but instead you are removing and moving fixtures around or adding other fixtures to your bathroom then you have other options on bathtubs.

For instance we once took out a 6 foot tub and the wall that was holding the plumbing and installed a freestanding tub. We only moved the location of the existing tub about a foot so cutting up the floor was not necessary.

Another job we took out a drop in tub and installed a free standing tub about 2 feet from the other location.

Sometimes you won’t have a bathtub but will have a large space that does allow room to add a tub when renovating the bathroom. The choice of tub will depend on the amount of space that you have in the bathroom now or will have if any walls are moved.

Sherwood Park bathroom renovations, Sherwood Park freestanding bathtubs

Installed this freestanding tub in a large bathroom renovation in Sherwood Park.

There are many options from doing a tub to shower conversion, or installing a claw foot tub or freestanding tub, to adding another sink so you have two sinks in your bathroom.

Bathtub Drains

Drains can be on the left, right or in the middle off to one side of the tub.

To tell the type of tub you have now simply sit or stand in the tub and face the faucets. Is your left or right hand facing the outside portion of you tub? This will tell you if you have a left or right tub. Which is important if you are doing the ordering yourself.

Another way is to face the tub as if you are about to get in. Again is the drain on the left or right?


Depending on the size of your existing bathroom you might have many or very few options when it comes to the type of tub you want to install.

Before you start to decide on what you want you should be aware that any decent contractor is going to charge you between $8,000 and $12,000 to renovate your bathroom. Any less and you could feel like you are on one of those horror story home improvement TV shows where the client hires the cheapest contractor just to find out they do not have a clue on how to renovate a bathroom properly.

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