Edmonton Bathroom Renovations

Over the years we have done many Edmonton bathroom renovations and remodeling.  The most common type of renovation is the remove and replace type.  

Remove and Replace Edmonton Bathroom Renovations

This type of renovation consists of removing the bathtub, tub faucets, sink and faucet, vanity, toilet, mirror, lights, tub surround, backsplash, flooring, and anything else that might require removing.  

Then we replace the whole bathroom with new fixtures, lights, vanity, flooring and paint.  

Depending on what you want for fixtures, flooring and other necessary products will dictate the investment of your renovation.  On average though, this type or renovation comes in around $9000.  

If you have already been talking with other contractors and they have come at you with a lower price then there is a very good reason for this.  Most likely the work is being done by a handyman and not qualified journeyman and other trades people.  Another reason for a lower cost is the cost of your products.  If you buy all of your products from one of the big box stores you will be buying inferior products.  Is that what you really want?  Do not expect a $5000 renovation to last you more than 5 years!

Remove and Replace Bathroom Renovations Using Your Products

This type of bathroom renovation is similar to the one I mention above, except you supply the bathtub, vanity, toilet, sink, faucets, flooring, lights, mirrors, etc…

Combination Bathroom Renovation

This is a renovation where you supply some products and we supply some products.  Or you do some of the work and we do some of the work.  Or some combination of the two.  

This is a great way to get some sweat equity into your project.  The only downside to this is your time frame.  For instance we did a bathroom renovation in Sherwood Park with one client who wanted to do flooring and install the vanity themselves.  We went in and removed the sink, toilet, bathtub and tub surround.  Once the flooring and vanity were removed we would go back and install the tub and get started on the new flooring.  This job started on a Monday and we were supposed to be in on Wednesday to get started, but the homeowner did not get their portion completed.  This meant we had to move onto another job causing a huge delay in the project.  When they were finally done a week later they were mad at us for not having the job done on time.  Beware that things look easy on the DIY shows out there but you never really know how long something took as the film is edited.  

The Extensive Bathroom Renovations

This type of renovation requires moving fixtures around.  Maybe you are tired of your drop in tub and want a free standing tub instead.  Then you realize the toilet will look awkward because of the new space so that has to be moved.  The shower goes from a 32 inch by 32 inch to a tiled shower that is 36 inches by 48 inches and has multiple shower heads.  This can require much more labor and removal of the floor to access the plumbing.  

This style of renovation can be as simple as adding a second sink to as extensive as ripping up the floor and completely redesigning the space.  In this case all of the fixtures might change place.  As soon as we add a second fixture we need to pull a plumbing permit.  The same is true for the electrical.  Add a couple of more lights and the city wants to see that the job is being done properly.  

This type of renovation can easily cost anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000.  Pricey, but every bathroom we have done the clients are very happy!

The Tub To Shower Bathroom Renovation

As our population ages people are finding getting into their tubs more and more difficult.  The reason for this is our joints get weaker as we age, and supporting our weight in and out of a tub is tougher and more dangerous to do.  

The solution to this is removing the tub and installing a tiled shower pan or shower base with tiled walls.  We have put in tiled benches for many of our customers, while other customers are happy with just using a water proof seat.  Of course a shower head will not work as well so our clients like to go with the hose and telephone style head.  We simply place the holder for the head closer to the floor so you can easily reach the hose while sitting.  

Bathroom Development

A bathroom development is different than a bathroom renovation as a development project means there is no bathroom there at the moment.  Most bathroom developments that we do are located in the basement and are competed as we complete the basement development.  In some cases though you might find you have a very large closet or a very small bedroom where a bathroom would be of greater use than the current use of the room.  Older houses often came with one bathroom on the main floor and maybe a second one in the basement.  If room permits we can add another bathroom on the main floor.  Another type is when there is a very small ensuite and a small bathroom next to the ensuite.  We have gone in and taken out the ensuite, pushed the tub to the back wall, moved the toilet, and increased the size of the vanity to allow for a double sink.  

Another kind of bathroom development we have done was one where the side of the house was extended by 6 feet on a house.  This allowed for an increase in size for the master bedroom and allowed us to build a brand new bathroom with a tub, stand alone shower, two sinks and toilet.  This gave the homeowner a bathroom of about 72 square feet and increased their master bedroom by 80 square feet.  Doesn’t sound like much, but WOW, what a difference this made.  This was much more than just a bathroom development.  We had to pull permits for everything, build new exterior walls, rafters and a new roof, matching the existing shingles.  The homeowner owned a stucco business so he did all of the exterior finish work on the walls.  The whole job looked great!

For any kind of bathroom renovation, remodeling or development job give us a call at 780-264-0878 and we will be happy to come out and talk to you about your project.  We do work in all areas of Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Strathcona County.  

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