Ikea Cabinet Installation

We have done many different cabinet installations over the years.  One of the most common types of cabinets that we do installations with are cabinets from Ikea.

As Ikea cabinet installers we take pride in out work.  From pulling out your old cabinets to building the new ones then installing the new cabinets.  We can also do any tile work and plumbing work that you might have during your renovation.

When I first started in the renovation business years ago I would have suggested to only buy custom cabinets for your kitchen.  As the years went by companies like Ikea were able to compete with the custom companies not just in price anymore but also in quality.

When you deal with Ikea you are dealing with a reputable company that will create the beautiful kitchen you want.  Why not give us a call and we can help finish off that kitchen by installing those Ikea cupboards for you.

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Pros and Cons with Ikea Cabinets

The biggest draw back to using Ikea over custom cabinets is getting a finish that can be just yours.  But the pros of buying and installing kitchen cabinets from Ikea are the price, time for completion, and an above average quality from a company that everyone knows and loves.

For a small cost you can have a rep come out from Ikea and take the necessary measurements.  Then design a kitchen for your space.

The next step is getting your cabinets delivered to your home.  At this point you can have us come and build your cabinets or you can build the cupboards yourself.

Once everything is built the next step is to remove the existing cupboards.  If you are putting in a new floor now is the time to rip up the old one.

Then we will move any plumbing and electrical if those fixtures are moving locations.  This includes the sink, dishwasher, stove, cooktop, and any plugs that might be moving.

Now we can come to your home and install your new kitchen cabinets.

Almost complete!

Now depending on the type of counter top you are installing you will either have a stone or laminate counter company come and make a template.  We like to install a temporary top and sink for you to use while waiting for your new counters.

At this point we install the new flooring if you have decided to go in that direction.

Once the counters are ready we remove the temporary sink and counters and then we or the stone company install your counters.  Now we hook up the sink, install the faucet, and hook up your dishwasher.

Next we come out and install new tiles for your kitchen backsplash.

This is what really finishes off the kitchen.  Now the face plates for the plugins go on and we are done.

Time to enjoy your new Ikea kitchen!