Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton

Is it time to renovate or remodel your kitchen? There are many different ways you can renovate a kitchen in Edmonton. Throughout this article I will try to give you some ideas that will save you money or give you the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

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This is called a waterfall countertop

I will start with the most cost effective method of renovating your kitchen and expand on that as you move through the different sections of this article.

Kitchen Refacing in Edmonton

The easiest type of kitchen renovation is to reface your existing kitchen. This requires you to have us come in and take out your doors and drawer faces and replace with a new up to date style.

Most people also will install a new countertop as well as a new sink and faucet and new backsplash as well as paint the kitchen.

As a kitchen refacing renovation you might not do things like change out the floor or do anything with your lighting.

Kitchen Cabinets

In Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St Albert we have helped people remove their existing cabinets and install new cabinets along with new countertops and tile backsplash. This type of kitchen renovation is very similar to the above type except you are getting completely new cabinets along with new doors and drawers.

Most of our clients choose to go with the soft close feature for the cabinet doors and drawers. This actually saves the wear and tear on the cabinet as the doors do not get slammed into the cabinets anymore.

People choose this type of renovation for a couple of reasons. First, if your cabinets are damaged in anyway you should be installing new cabinets.

Second, if you would like to move your cabinets around to gain more storage or create a better functioning kitchen then changing out all of the cabinets is the best way to go.

There are times when you can keep the bottoms and just change out the tops or add more cabinets on the side and reface the rest.

Edmonton kitchen renovation before cabinets go in

A kitchen renovation in Edmonton under the construction phase.

When replacing your cabinets you have no choice but to install new countertops and most likely need to change the kitchen tiled backsplash.

So many parts of this can be optional…if you want to do the floor later or not at all, you can. If you want to paint yourself or paint later you can. Just be open whenever you are speaking with a contractor about your budget and if they are honest they will guide you properly. Of course we can only say that about ourselves, but I am sure there are others out there.

Complete Kitchen Renovation

This involves us coming into your home and tearing out and installing everything in your kitchen. We can go over the different products with you or even bring in a designer to help you make some choices.

The Extensive Kitchen Renovation

This type of renovation involves making changes to the layout of your existing kitchen. In these types of kitchen remodelling jobs we have done everything from moving locations of cabinets, appliances, and fixtures as well as knocking down walls when necessary.

This type of renovation might require plumbing, gas fitting, or electrical permits. In some cases if the wall is load bearing we will need a permit to remove that wall and install a proper supporting beam that can hold up your second floor or attic space.

Permits are mandatory when making any extensive changes to your plumbing, electrical or building. Without a proper permit when you go to sell the city may make you open up your walls or floor to inspect at that point.

Don’t worry about the costs of these permits, this is a very small cost to make sure things are done up to code. You do not want to be on a future episode of one of the horror stories you see on the home channels.

Kitchen Addition

If your kitchen is too small and moving an interior wall is not feasible you can push your kitchen out through an exterior wall.

I know this sounds like a huge deal, and compared with most projects this is. But there is a huge payoff for you by doing this type of renovation. Not only will you get the dream kitchen you have always wanted, but you also have increased the size of your home by the amount of the addition.

There are two ways we can accomplish this task.

1. We can put place the required amount of supports where your kitchen addition will be going.

2. We can dig a hole and knock out your exterior basement wall.

Both of these renovations will require new plumbing, heating, electrical, framing, flooring, insulation, paint and vapor barrier and everything else to bring the project up to code.

With the second option you will also need to put in a new foundation around the addition, new cribbing for the concrete and frame out the basement with insulation and vapor barrier for future development. You will also need a new concrete floor.

If you are they type that loves to spend time in your basement you could add a lot of extra space that could be used for entertaining, a gym, games room, man cave, or anything else you can come up with that takes up around 400+ square feet.


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A gorgeous kitchen by our cabinet maker Jochan!

I have one simple rule to live by when renovating. Know how long you plan on living in the house. Knowing this will tell you whether you should be less expensive or more expensive in the renovation. For example, if you plan on moving in the next 5 years then you do not want to spend a lot of money on the things you would want to have in your kitchen. You just won’t get the money back out later on. But if you plan on living in your home for more than 5 years then when you add expensive features you get all that time to enjoy those features. Unlike a car 7 or 8 years from now your kitchen will still look and work great!

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